andare per il mondo con i vostri pupi e trovarvi come a casa.


... Vivo per mangiare (bene), non mangio per vivere! ... Serate del gusto Chez Miky ( e non solo..)

M.O.M approved: family friendly (BO)

The aim of this page is to create a network of families (mothers, fathers, grandparents, nannies or anyone caring for little ones) to sensitize society on the needs of families living in the city. We want to identify and encourage suitable places for children where families can socialise and feel comfortable with children. For example, places where you can breastfeed in freedom, where there are baby changing tables, games to entertain older children while the parents relax. we refer to the family 2.0.... The time when parents leave their children at home or with a babysitter while they go out has passed, firstly it is a costly exercise, then it is important to note that time is becoming less and time with loved ones is more precious. Modern families prefer to enjoy their time together. On the one hand business can "exploit" this opportunity and emerging market and on the other hand families can feel comfortable as though they are at home, while out and about.

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"Il viaggio non soltanto allarga la mente: le dà forma" (B. Chatwin)


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